Intermezzo …

… it is … an interlude, all right.

But this year, it is also a convention. We are following the good tradition of FilkCONtinental and CONtrapunkt.
Just like the previous cons, this is a special con for all bards of the future, minstrels of the past and musicians of the present. A con for music-loving ScienceFiction and Fantasy fans with a liking for folky sound, handmade music, but also for parodies or rock’n roll rhythms.
A con to sing along or to kick back, listen and watch. And – to have fun!

What is different this time? The team.

For the first time, C.J. (Chris Ueberall) and Bine (Sabine Kinder) carry the torch to pass on the flame … ummm … to let the music continue πŸ™‚ And our friends, the previous and very long-standing organizers can take a well-deserved break!

We hope that this will not scare you and that we will see many familiar faces in autumn 2019 in Wernigerode. And and maybe even a few new ones? πŸ˜‰

Until then – tune your instruments, lubricate your vocal chords and train your ears! We are very much looking forward to seeing you!

Bine und C.J.